Friday, April 27, 2012

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Fifth Level)

The ‘Flowery’ movements will be developed to a more sophisticated level. A complicated and unique ancient method will be taught at this level. The use of among the most ancient weapon; 'tongkat' or cane, will also be revealed. The ‘formlessness’ and ‘stillness’ philosophy will also be emphasized to greater degree at this level.

The method of utilizing the ‘useless’ and ‘awkward’ techniques will be taught. This will ensure pesilat gains a deeper understanding of their art, and acquires an exceptional level of skill. All details within a situation will be turned to one’s advantage, so the ability of being in control with calmness can be cultivated fully.

Training methods in order to sharpen the senses will be taught using diverse methods, but in accordance to the natural ability of a human being and with strict rules (adab).

The way of the weapon is shown in order to respect it appropriately and taming it. The natural instinct of a true 'pendekar' will slowly reveal itself within. Dedication to following rules and details must be practiced at all times.

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