Monday, October 17, 2011

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Fourth Level)

There are 5 different methods in martial application introduced to the pesilat to sharpen their ability. Among them are 'minta bersambut', 'terancang', 'serang berbalas', 'gumpal gelut' and 'rangkai'. Ancient methods will be applied at this level. Techniques using various types of weapons will also be taught, mainly in order for it to be transcended.

Learning to instruct is also important at this level in order to increase understanding. Simplicity and calmness will still continue to be emphasized at this stage. Specialization will sometimes occur, but Pesilat are encouraged to master all techniques.

Specialization will be guided by the master according to very specific criteria, however sometimes specialization will not necessarily occur. The basics of the concepts ‘movement in stillness’, ‘step in stillness’ and ‘movement with step in stillness’ will be taught here. But it will only be taught once the person fulfils the master's strict requirements.

The physical and material aspects of the art will not be used as much as before, instead secret techniques from the masters and elders will be revealed to the practitioner who fulfils the master’s strict criteria. The advanced understanding of the keris and other weapons will also be taught at this level, including universally applicable principles.

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