Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Third Level)

The ability to move freely but accurately and effectively in real situation will be taught in a more open concepts and philosophies. Techniques will never be used 100% exactly as formally taught. The saying, “don’t use what you learn, utilize it as guide” (“jangan guna kaedah, ikut kaedah”) will be emphasized, this is important in developing wisdom.

All movements will be utilized to their fullest extent. ‘Flowery’ movements must always be practiced so they can help sharpen the senses. A precise and sensitive way of controlling and utilizing the senses will be taught, which involve both physical and mental practices.

The (seemingly) ‘useless’ techniques will be explained and utilized here. This is to prepare a mindset of a warrior prepared to face all kind of possible situation. Confidence in defending and striking will be built to the fullest possible. This level will be the beginning of a more advanced way of understanding Silat, internally and externally.

Almost all the physical details of Seni Silat Bongsu are taught here. The concepts “movement in step and step in movement” (“gerak dalam langkah dan langkah dalam gerak”) will be explored further, which will result in a more extensive and effective form of techniques.

Advancement will always be anchored directly to the first level, Seni Silat Bongsu. This is important in preventing the pesilat in forgetting their root; humble beginning of silat knowledge and experience; whilst at the same time maturing the core of their Silat understanding.

The practice of ‘Flowery’ movements will be deepened; done by giving profound attention to performing with exceptional precision whilst nurturing calmness, yet maintaining both a strong defensive and offensive skill. Synchronizing more on both material and spiritual aspect begins here.

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