Monday, January 31, 2011

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Second Level)

This level is the basic expansion and refinement of the true meaning of all techniques within Silat Bongsu. It is normally taught in the form of single techniques or 'buah', but it can also be learned as a form. However when learned as single techniques a deeper understanding will be the result, a form can then be practiced after understanding and maturation has been achieved.

The concepts ‘step in step and movement in movement’ will be explained at this level as well. There is no separation of 'buah' (techniques) and 'bunga' (flowery/form) in PSSTNM. Both are connected and important and must be merged as one. There is a deeper understanding of 'Silat Pengantin' or 'Bunga Bongsu' taught at this stage.

Silat Pengantin or/and Bunga Bongsu have a unique character and identity in basic movements, expansion and refinement compare to other earlier techniques in Seni Silat Bongsu. Due to this uniqueness, it can seemingly be considered as a totally different style. This became clearer during this expansion and refinement process.

From this process, a more complex way of the warrior will be taught called 'Bunga Tua' that will allow a pesilat to get the feel of real combat. Bongsu style now will no longer be applied, it now becomes a guide, but the core principles of it must always be practiced.

Practical expression of style will be applied in real combat, but the basic formal principles of Bongsu will be second nature. The offensive side will be taught, but the defensive method must always be emphasized. The option in choosing between these two will be given, but the consequences of choices made should first be realized.

The way of the 'Pendekar' is expanded in meaning, and effective action within the real world will be taught. A few simple tips and tricks according to the ancient way will also be imparted to the practitioner as well.

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