Friday, December 31, 2010

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Self Advancement & Development)

Higher physical, mental and spiritual ability are required in more advance levels that will involve extensive physical, semi spiritual and spiritual knowledge and practice. At this stage, exponent will be tested with vigorous test regime that will involve others, variable environment, deeper self, various tools and equipments. Even the day-to-day routine will also function as training and testing regime.

To advance to these more physically, mentally and spiritually demanding higher levels, one must already be a pesilat with great wisdom - so-called pendekar - and must fulfil all the conditions below:
1. Have the basic knowledge and ability of a master
2. To always redeem oneself
3. Continuous improvement of spiritual and material strength
4. To learn until it is useless by realizing nothingness
5. Prepared to face the master's test
6. Prepared to accept the master's terms and conditions
7. Always prepared to face life's tests

All these are important in making sure that a very high level of commitment and integrity are characteristics of the inheritor. This will assure the purity of the knowledge itself whilst also assuring the continuity of it. Been able to hold and preserve the ancient knowledge tradition of this simple and humble yet unique education process of silat is a rare opportunity and given only to a very selected few. Sincerity in learning, practicing, and teaching the knowledge must also be preserved.

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