Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Levels)

In our traditional method of silat learning, there are 1 fundamental level, 2 skill development levels, 2 special skill levels, 1 advance level and 1 final level. The first level will always use Seni Silat Bongsu as core due to its special attribute in shaping the basic fundamental physical and mental of a ‘pendekar’. The techniques cultivate patient, discipline and required flexibility in preparing for the next more advance levels.

When the appropriate skills achieved, techniques inside Seni Silat Bongsu can be applied and practiced without stance or in any suitable manner, only the learning and basic mastering process that must follow all the seemingly impossible and unbeneficial martial rules. This core of silat or ‘ibu silat’ must be learn, master and feel. Feel means acquiring deeper understanding; heighten and sharpen senses and intriguingly in details.

As the core beginning of the whole silat school style, techniques in Seni Silat Bongsu represent the metaphoric version of its real usage whilst becoming a basic exercise regime in preparing the physical and mental exponent. Different result achieve from the same movements in Seni Silat Bongsu when practice and extrapolate using different method; basic, weaponry, ancient and other unique method.

Historically, it seems that the silat levels systemized in this organization are mastered inversely due to Seni Silat Bongsu; the last style inspired by the progenitor; being the first level taught to exponent. This unique concept is base on the fact that not only is it the easiest system to memorize but it is also the basis upon which all other techniques emanate, and has earned it the second name of “Ibu Silat” (literally meaning “Mother of Silat”, or Mother Style). The natural uniqueness of each level also contributes greatly to this teaching levels system development.

The earlier levels of this silat school style inspired by the progenitor are considered tough and straight forward techniques. Seni Silat Bongsu, historically being the last inspired level or style is very basic, soft and simple in techniques yet concise. The true usage and effectiveness is hidden beyond its weak physical appearance. With such unique character, it is undeniable that their unseen aspects contribute in giving both physical and mental strength.

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