Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Philosophy of Movements)

Precision and wisdom will be the core in the continuity of movement and step; agility and speed will be secondary. Rashness will lead to destruction. Contemplation with focus is a virtue. That is why 'Bongsu' must be the foundation in all combative situations.

All the later levels are aesthetically pleasing, however it hides deadly techniques. In contrast, 'Bongsu' looks simple and soft but will always absorb an attack, and respond if necessary.

Generally, each and every movement or strike or attack must implied three core principles:
1. Umpan
2. Pecah
3. Silat
“Umpan” literally means luring or drawing the enemy using both defensive and offensive stances and techniques. This can lead in discovering the strategy of the adversary.

The continuity application of 'umpan' will lead to 'pecah' or bridging and breaking that'll confuse the opponent whilst destroying their strategy and overcome the opponent. After the effective application of these 2 principles, 'silat' will be utilize as it is suppose to be use.

'Silat' doesn't necessarily means martial; a punch, kick or locking. Silat itself have a wide and diverse meanings and a true pendekar will knew how to translate it accurately according to situations.

Apart from taking advantage from what being delivered by the opponent, the strike that will come must be received with 'tepat sipi, sipi lepas' principle. This means always assuming the strike come is accurate, evasion followed by subduing the danger.

Predicting the outcome accurately even before the engagement ensues. The continuous fluid movements and interchangeable techniques almost seem like never ending. However the most important thing to practice is complete avoidance of any confrontation or if inevitable avoids inflicting or sustaining injury.

All techniques have a unique aesthetic beauty which when practice will lead to a flexible anatomy, moving naturally according to our unique humanness. Avoid degrading humanity by making animal as our example, yet the same time let us not devalue spiritual (faith) practices by making them into a form of fighting.

Don't be like a thief, stealing other's style to overcome own weaknesses. Never underestimate another style. Utilize fully all strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses have their own strength and strength have their own weaknesses. Benefit from the weakness and improve the strength.

All techniques, form or formless, must be mastered. Reason and result must be fully understood. 'Seni silat' shouldn't necessarily mean combat or beautiful movements; effective action should be the core meaning of the art. It is a skill of utilizing the full ability of the wisdom of “akal” or mind with “adab” or manner.

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