Saturday, November 27, 2010

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Teachings)

Our organization practices a tradition that can be accepted by all levels of society. Traditional Islamic teachings of universality - harmony and cohabitation between Muslims and non-Muslims - when practiced, contribute to the development of a highly ethical society, with a rich cultural diversity. The philosophy of our school emphasizes harmony between the two opposing elements within each human being - the spiritual and physical.

The fundamentals, when practiced, will cultivate an individual capable of building a dynamic society. Teaching towards integrity as its core principal is an excellent concept thus resulting in the development of a strong sense of mental and physical discipline. Our organization not only teaches martial arts but endeavors to build a society with honor whilst helping it tighten and maintain solidarity and harmony between all races.

Narrow minded tradition - which is obviously useless - is not tolerated. Open-mindedness and open-heartedness must always be practiced. Our organization initiates only the basic and informal spiritual education – this is but a valuable addition to physical training, offered in a very minimal scale. The teachings of Islam will always be the ultimate way in educating humankind both spiritually and physically.

Our school style also trains character and inner strength, but will never tolerate magic and/or 'shrik' of any kind. All training must be guided strictly by traditional Islamic teaching. Sincerity is the most essential virtue in advancing forward. Sincerity is the highest level of understanding in our understanding. All that can be gained from sincerity will be accepted with an open heart, provided it is in accordance to Islam.

To obtain sincerity, the process itself must be pure. Through one’s sincere efforts in life, there is the possibility of either unlimited rewards or alternatively none at all, however, whatever the result may be, one must learn to accept it with pure heart. When there will be obstacles to be faced, face it with calmness whilst preventing it from interfering with the mind and heart. Sometimes it's better to avoid obstacles rather than facing them, to prevent from bad inclinations (fitna) arising.

Wisdom and 'Taqwa’ will always be the guide in making the best conclusion. In our philosophy, humble and simple (yet effective) principles are practiced in every aspect of life. Such principles lane beyond these adages below;

Simplicity and humility lead to perfection.
Dignity and honor supersede superiority.
Calmness overcomes fear, not bravery.
Face strength with grace, not harshness.
Disobedience is confronted by wisdom, not scolding.
Knowledge overcomes weakness, not strength.
Falsehood will be silenced, not debated.
Wrongdoers will be lead to righteous, not blamed.
Weakness will be strengthened, not criticized.

All the above-mentioned flowery notions that are taught by our organization are simply to ensure peace and harmony within self and others are always maintained. Our mission is simply to help educate individuals and families in order for them to be enlightened, so that they can help in preserving honor and dignity.

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