Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Basic Principle Of Techniques)

The preciseness and gracefulness of all movements and steps must always be preserved. The practitioner can move and apply the techniques freely in any appropriate situation but must always preserve the original version of the authentic core style in teaching. Attributes, reason, consequences, origin and source of knowledge and action must be deeply understood before utilizing any form or formlessness of techniques.

The philosophy of peacefulness must also be embrace. Three main characteristics must be merged and applied appropriately in all situations:
1. Preparedness
2. Defensiveness
3. Offensiveness

Mental and physical preparation, with the right spiritual and material tools will be the core in awakening the true potential of a pendekar, prepared to face all kinds of situations and difficulties. This character can avoid unwanted confrontations if it is deeply ingrained into one's demeanour.

The defensive characteristic can be a guardian against harm, yet can effectively overcome the enemy. This characteristic must be applied externally and internally. Effective defensiveness of any form can and will function as a very reliable necessary offensive form of character or action.

The combination of all 3 characteristics will result in the emergence of a strategic system of engagement, which will be undetectable by your adversary. A fluid and versatile strategic system will unfold with limited exploitability, however even its weaknesses will be utilized to one's advantage.

A strike doesn't have to be delivered with strength, and a strike doesn't necessarily have to be a punch or kick - it can be any defensive manoeuvre. The ability to understand and differentiate between speed, accuracy and strength is always essential.

Realizing oneself, the adversary and the details must apply in all circumstances. By realizing those, one can react appropriately according to the situation. A strike doesn't always resolve a fight; wise action must always be the way of the pendekar.

In truth, peacefulness must always be in existence even within a fight. This peacefulness will give one a sense of centeredness within the chaos. It will lead to calmness and overcome fear thus allowing a complete control of a combat situation. The only way in acquiring this will only be taqwa.

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