Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silat & Religion

Islam is all about love and peace in every aspect of life. Muslim and non Muslim misunderstood about Islam when they don't have proper knowledge from proper source about Islam and they refuse to have proper guidance from the right person. But we are not talking about Islam here. It is about silat.

As Muslim one must embrace the teaching of Islam in every corner of life even when breathing. That is why Islam influence is obvious in our silat style and also in other styles that inspired, pioneered and lead by Muslim. Silat is an art of flexibility, adaptability and survival. That is why silat can absorb any norm of the way of life of any society. There are also many silat styles that is originally not from Islam root or did not embrace Islam as core in its teaching.

Personally there is nothing wrong in learning silat if someone is not a Muslim and this will not interfere with the silat learning process. It is permissible for a non Muslim to learn silat or even to learn Islam as much as they can and as much as they want. Provided that they get the knowledge from proper source and have proper guidance in learning and understanding it. But it is undeniable that there are many silat styles that are prohibited to non Muslim because it is their tradition and law.

We must respect this and accept their tradition. Silat is also about respect and we already acquired among the most important knowledge of silat when we have respect towards others. Silat also used to defend the survival of society and whatever that is important to them so it is an art of survival. When learning silat one must learn, master and feel the knowledge. The understanding of silat must be deep in knowledge and practice, physically and spiritually and in all necessary situations.

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