Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seni Silat Telapak Nusantara (Fundamental Phylosophy)

Peace and harmony within self, family and society; internally and externally, environmentally and circumstantially; neighborhood and country will always be among the importance of this ancient and humble, yet unique heritage. This ancient martial art was fashioned to uphold those spiritual values. The techniques are used to develop patience, strength, reliability, and durability, both physically and mentally.

There are 4 fundamental attributes that must be cultivated internally, and applied externally by every practitioner. They must be understood, and developed inside the body and mind of the Pesilat (practitioner of Silat). These are:
1. Pure soul
2. Perfect character
3. Effective action
4. Inner strength

By harmonizing all the above attributes, the Pesilat will gain insight into the way of the "Pendekar" (pandai akal/wise mind). To attain perfection is almost impossible, but perfection must always be the ultimate goal, perfection in being total servitude to Allah Ta’ala.

Pure soul: This attribute is attained by purifying the heart of all negative inclinations. The foundation of this practice upon which it is built is called "Iman". The soul can be purified from all evil inclinations with the true teaching of Islam; the body will then always obey Allah (swt) in accordance to the way of Nabi Muhammad (saw).

Perfect character: This attribute can only be develops from a purified soul. A purified heart and pure intentions will naturally lead to righteous conduct that will please The Creator, and touch the hearts of the best within humanity. It can only be achieve by learning, understanding and practicing the true way of the Sunnah.

Effective action: This attribute manifests itself out of a perfect character, and can be applied to every aspect of life, and any goal we wish to pursue. The wisdom attained from cultivating a pious character allows one to use one’s highest judgment in assessing the most appropriate and effective action for obtaining an objective. Such effectiveness resulting from wise judgment will have a great impact on others. Action with such effectiveness will inspire and please one’s allies, but will intimidate one’s enemies. Such conduct and actions will gain great respect from friend and foe alike. Respect is an ultimate victory.

Inner Strength: Also known as “kebatinan”. Merging all 3 elements in every practice can develop an excellent inner strength, a true "Pendekar" inner strength. Without it a Pesilat will feel emptiness. This unseen might is important not only to face enemy in fight or in war but also to overcome all the obstacle of life. When acquired, it will be beneficial to self and everyone around.

To cultivate inner strength, one can choose from many diverse methods. As Muslims, we understand that a method that is not in accordance to Islam will lead to destruction in this life and the hereafter. This false method in gaining inner strength might look easier, but will ultimately perish in the face of Absolute Truth.

Sincerity and patience are essential in gaining inner strength, whilst adhering to the most pure guidance of Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw). Although the process requires great effort and may be time consuming, it is very rewarding, and from such a purified heart will blossom the purest strength.

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