Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Intention In Silat

The best intention in doing everything in life as Muslim will be doing it solely for Allah 'Azza wa Jalla, to be truly servitude to Him (swt). That will be the key in learning our humble and simple Silat style, which is learning Silat to fulfill the way of the Shari’at to prepare oneself against enemy. The Shari’at is Allah (swt) commands contain in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (saw).

In training the physical techniques, one must have neither aggression nor anger no matter where or when, alone or with partner. When training alone, one must do shadow training, which is picturing real strike, real situation, feeling and looking with all senses deeply about everything around. Calmness, awareness and hyper sensitivity of senses must always be applied.

When with partner, respect will be the most important practice among each other. One must also have compassion and a feeling of utmost thankful to partner due to the willingness to study and practice together whilst utilizing each other in perfecting one knowledge, understanding and skills.

In our Silat School, masters will appropriately punish whoever purposely did harm to partners or other members. When train or spar, there are a bunch of strict rules and regulations base on respect and compassion to be practice.

The best basic physical intention will be only to defend oneself or love ones when facing enemy. As Muslim we must understand that defending oneself, love ones and one’s belonging is an obligation and must be done with strict adab or manners of Islam.

Stated in verses of Quran and Hadith about the importance of an act of defend against seen and unseen enemy. Those will also be the intention in learning and training our Silat School style and in real defensive and offensive situation or life threatening situation.

In Islam there is always compassion in whatever that we must do in life. That is why there are so many strict rules and regulation in doing everything in life as Muslim. Those rules are for controlling physical and spiritual aggression. There are so many examples in Islam teaching that translated the compassion of Islam even towards the enemy.

The real problem is whether Muslim can learn, practice and understand it. Many will be easily overcome by emotion and anger that lead to aggression that is clearly against Islam teaching. They feel that by obeying those strict rules will give them no victory and will weaken them. In truth, their own action that is against the Sunnah is weakening them spiritually and physically.

Very few Muslim nowadays seem to care about manners in Islam when learning martial arts, whether Silat or non Silat. When come to self defense, the only things matter is how to overcome our enemy or to defeat them no matter what. This is totally against the philosophy of Silat and also not in accordance to the teaching of Islam.

The history of Saiyyidina Ali (k.w) (ra) clearly shows the importance of adab or manners that come from Taqwa. Taqwa is to fear only Allah (swt) by obeying His (swt) command by practicing the Sunnah whilst hoping only to please Allah (swt) and asking for His (swt) blessing. We can only learn, practice and understand about this by learning and understanding Islam as the way of life through proper source and guidance which is from a truly pious ulama'.

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