Monday, June 7, 2010

Beyond Physical

Let all realize that Silat is not only about the physical of self. It is far beyond that. Let current generation see that Silat has so many other hidden aspects that are so important. Show to everyone the importance of it in not only in knowledge spread but in actions, not demonstration of strength or mystical ability.

Although it is hidden and beyond physical but it can be translate into obvious form of attitude. Silat is not only about kicking and punching. This is very important for everyone to understand in Silat.

If we realize on how to embrace simplicity and humility in life I am sure that we will find a proper way to attract them to what is so called the “unknown”. Yes, it is a complex knowledge and requires a lot of time to learn. That is why it is an exceptional knowledge.

To attract people to this knowledge, first let them know and love the real Silat Melayu, especially the Malay Muslim and Muslim people in general. Sadly those two groups of people have more skeptics towards Silat, especially because of the “kebatinan”.

Than let them know what the real “kebatinan” is. Don’t let them see “kebatinan” as only about special or mystical ability like comic superheroes, lightning coming out from the hand and strike enemy from far. Or do all Silat masters also see “kebatinan” that way?

There are many form of “kebatinan” in Silat alone. Sharpen mind, quick thinking and many other than kicking and striking ability from learning Silat is also a form of “kebatinan”. Anyone realize that? Even good behavior, high discipline and healthy body from practicing Silat also can be categorized as “kebatinan” from Silat. Isn’t Silat is for helping in physical, mental and spiritual elevation?

Silat is knowledge of utilizing mind over matter. Learning the skill to use mental power that is translated into many forms against physical strength, exploring the power of knowledge and seeking the wonder of wisdom, that is Silat.

When proper skill and understanding attained, we can utilize the teaching and philosophy of Silat as whole in our day to day life. Even the physical techniques can be utilizes in daily life. Isn’t that a special ability?

As Muslim we must not forget that Islam will always be the core of life. Islam will be the ultimate tool in elevating oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. We are blessed with so many other knowledge that can help and attract towards complete self elevation.

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