Friday, March 26, 2010

Universal Kebatinan

Kebatinan or spiritual practices is something that is widely believed and practiced not only among Malay or not only in Silat. It is also practiced among Chinese in China, Indian in India, African in Africa and so many other races or people from other countries. In truth kebatinan or spiritual practices plays a very big role in shaping the whole human race regardless their races, religion or country.

Surprisingly if we open our eyes wide enough, we can see clearly it is practiced even in a highly developed country with such high technology and rapid development in science, civilization and economy. What most important here is understanding that as Muslim there are rules and guidance that must be follow to purified our faith, understanding and practice.

Basically that is completely different to non Muslim. Non Muslim doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same rules in learning or practicing spiritual knowledge or kebatinan. Even though it is not the same but all human want the same thing which is peace and harmony, both physically and spiritually.

Physical and spiritual self and other that is in harmony with all creations whilst making sure that no one is being harm by anyone physically and spiritually. Generally that mean the importance of choosing the right spiritual or kebatinan knowledge with good or beneficial result is essentials to human nature.

In Islam all people of different belief is allowed to practice their belief or their kebatinan of any form provided that they will not interfere with Islam or Muslim and will not harm others among Muslim or non Muslim. It is undeniable that there is no belief in human history will tolerate a practice that will harm others.

Kebatinan or spiritual practices or effort of cultivating unseen power is something that attracted all humans regardless their religion, races and country. All belief or religion will surely gravitate towards this kind of mystical knowledge or ability, which is 101% of all belief or religion.

It is just because human naturally fond to something special or extraordinary. Many kinds of recitations, special water, exorcism, special ceremonies or practice of blessing and all sorts of knowledge, practice and things that are related to spiritual or kebatinan are very much practiced in 101% of belief system or religion.

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