Monday, February 1, 2010

Legitimate Islam Kebatinan

When we aim physical or material result in practicing “kebatinan”, can it still be a spiritual or “kebatinan” practices? Those aim also against the nature of “kebatinan” because “kebatinan” is actually more than physical and beyond physical. One is only narrowing thus destroying the true function of “kebatinan” when choosing and aiming to this so-called special or mystical physical ability. It is undeniable that the results are now physical and are not spiritual anymore. So where is the spiritual result and practice of “kebatinan”? It is supposed to be a deeper unseen formlessness of knowledge and form.

To ensure that the result that is in accordance to Islam, one must follow strict Islam rules and regulations in learning, practicing, understanding and applying “kebatinan” knowledge of Silat or whatever practices that have spiritual or “kebatinan” in it. Whatever the result might be, it is all purely and solely from Allah (swt), neither in our aim, effort nor intention. It is obviously wrong if one intend to hurt people from afar when learning “kebatinan”. Hurting people form far? Isn’t that a very bad intention? What if others have that kind of intention or aim towards us? How do we feel? What will be our reaction?

In truth we learn physical Silat is to defend ourselves against any seen threat from seen enemies. We will also strike back if necessary. But still it is for the sake of defending ourselves and our belonging. “Kebatinan” is for defending ourselves from unseen threat or enemies. Actually the intention of learning “kebatinan” must be more pious and good than that. The unseen threat and enemy can even be our own nafs. It is actually the higher effort of realizing tawakkal ‘alAllah in Silat, fully reliance to Allah (swt) in physical, mental and spiritual self in Silat.

What most important is the practices itself. All must be in accordance to Islam. As Muslim, Islam must be the only core and practice in “kebatinan”. There must be no other way of “kebatinan” that is acceptable to Muslim other than “kebatinan” that is in accordance to Islam. There are so many “kebatinan” practices that practice by Nabi Muhammad (saw), his family and companion (ra.hum), their followers, awlia and true pious ‘ulama.

The only difference is they didn’t use the word “kebatinan”. “Kebatinan” is actually another Malay or Melayu word for “kerohanian” or spiritual. In Islam “kebatinan” can only be the result from Islam spiritual or “kerohanian” practices or it can also be the Islam “kerohanian” or spiritual practices itself. In truth dua, zikr, verses of Quran, practices base on Quran and Hadith are also “kebatinan”. In fact those are supposed to be the only “kebatinan” for Muslim.

We read histories of Prophets (as), Nabi Muhammad (saw), his companion (ra.hum), their followers and many pious Islamic scholar make dua as among an effort in facing all kind of enemies and threats. Those are the proof of how exceptional dua is. There are also many personal experiences from many truly Islam pious people and true pious ‘ulama that use dua, zikr, verses of Quran and verses base from Quran and Hadith that is useful and proven effective and of course in accordance to Islam.

Let us leave the result of any practices that is in accordance to Islam solely to Allah (swt). Let us not question or aim or wanting specific special result or ability in our practices. Those results purely and solely in Allah (swt) wish and command. Not ours in any way whatsoever. In making sure the result are legitimate, just make sure that the knowledge acquired, practice done and understanding attained are in accordance to Quran and Sunnah. Because to a Muslim, the only legitimate is from Islam teaching.

How can we be sure that it is in accordance to Quran and Sunnah or Hadith? Learn Islam from true pious ‘ulama, practice and understand whatever knowledge with their guidance. Quran and Sunnah or Hadith will be the core of knowledge and understanding of a true pious ‘ulama. InshaAllah we can be sure their knowledge, practices and understanding are legitimate. What we must question is the legitimacy of our intention and effort. Sadly many of us will only accept “scholar” that is according to our own intention, our own desire. Let us put our intention and effort on the right path as Muslim.

إن صلاتي ونسكي ومحياي ومماتي لله رب العالمين

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