Tuesday, February 16, 2010


(Jawapan kepada satu soalan dalam sebuah "online forum" tentang kepercayaan dan nilai kemanusiaan dari seorang sahabat silat bukan Islam dari luar negara)

When it comes to answering questions about belief, as Muslim, I must answer it sincerely and of course must in accordance to Islam teaching. In Islam, one cannot be forced to change their belief as non Muslim, which means a non Muslim cannot be forced to convert to Islam or forced to change their belief to Islam.

But Islam will accept whoever that is with strong moral belief especially if it is consistent with those in Islam. Islam is all about humanitarian and high moral values, as long as there is peace and harmony - that is not against the teachings of Islam - than it will be acceptable in Islam and all people can practice their belief freely.

In Islam everyone and everything deserves proper respect; humans, animals, cars, clothes and everything have a place and respect in Islam. Even an enemy must be treated with respect in Islam. And if an animal and other things deserve proper respect then humans deserve far more respect than any other creations, whether a Muslim or non Muslim.

Naturally all human being are born with strong good moral beliefs and humanitarian within themselves. It is just a problem of keeping it there, translating it into action and improving it the right way. To a Muslim like me, that is where Islam functions are. Making sure that all the good values are always there and improving it so that it will benefit and spill to others.

Islam highly treasured and has very high respect to everything that is good and beneficial for all creations. If a person with strong moral beliefs that are consistent with Islam and beneficial for all creations than they will always have my honor and high respect. Of course that they will also have more respect and highly regarded in Islam generally.

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